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AC Service Contract In Los Angeles

The AC Service Contract will help keep your unit maintained so that any problem that may occur will be detected quickly before it becomes a major problem. As such we send our technicians to provide maintenance and fix any problems bi yearly. We provide our services to the residents and commercial buildings all over Canoga Park, Northridge and Los Angeles city.

At Efficiency Pro we service all makes and models of AC Systems. Our expert technicians are licensed and trained to use all new technology. They are trained in every step to do a complete system check. Efficiency pro offers an excellent service contract agreement. It is better to take care of any small problems in your system before they get too big.Our professional HVAC maintenance experts make sure that everyone in your home or workplace is breathing fresh and clean air.

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What AC Service Contract Contains

  • A full check of all components of your system
  • Replacement of the filter
  • A thorough safety inspection bi annually
  • Replacement of any worn parts
  • Inspection of the system’s air flow
In Business since 1989

Efficiency Pro has been in business for 31 years.

Certified technicians

All of our technicians are trained and certified.

Licensed & Insured

Efficiency pro is licensed and insured.

Benefits of AC Service Contract

AC Service contracts have a few benefits, it helps maintain your system and find problems that are too small to notice normally. Your system regularly undergoes a complete system check to make sure that there is nothing wrong. Some of the the benefits which help better your air conditioning system are as follows:

  • Lower cooling costs – Regular maintenance is good in helping lower the cooling costs and make it more efficient.
  • Fewer breakdowns – Regular maintenance means the unit is at its best condition, which means fewer breakdowns.
  • Increased system lifespan – For a better lifespan of the unit we offer regular maintenance over the course of time.
  • More likely to keep your ac maintained – We send our technicians for maintenance at a certain time every so often to make sure your unit is working fine.
  • Some contracts include extra perks – Some companies offer extra perks along with the service contract.
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