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Furnace Repair In Los Angeles

Furnace is an important part of the heating system of your house. It needs to be in the optimal condition to provide service. So when it breaks down you need reliable and expert technicians to do the job. During the onset of winter, when the earth’s axis starts tilting further away from the sun and seasonal ques dictate the dawn of winter in the northern hemisphere, most people rely on their furnaces to fend off the bitter cold. We at Efficiency Pro provide furnace repair services to all Los Angeles City residents and businesses:

You can count on our skilled technicians as they are all trained in using the latest technology. Our furnace repair technicians are ready to resolve any heating system problem you have, with any furnace brand and model. If a furnace stops working, especially during the height of winter, a home loses its safeguard against the cold and can fall into dangerously low temperatures.

We work on all types and models of furnaces, whether fueled by oil, gas, or electricity. We provide a variety of other heating services as well if you need to choose. Efficiency Pro has been in business since 1989 we provide 24-hour emergency service with flat-rate pricing all services. So the next time your furnace acts up give us a call we at efficiency pro will take care of the problem for you.

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Common Furnace Problems

There are many reasons why a heater may break down and stop working. Our technicians can find what is causing the problem and fix it for you in no time. It is always important to maintain your heater so it doesn’t break.

  • Running up your monthly utility bills
  • Causing a fire, especially if your furnace is gas powered
  • Reducing your indoor air quality
  • Making your home cold and uncomfortable
  • Possibly causing your family to get sick
In Business since 1989

Efficiency Pro has been in business for 31 years.

Certified technicians

All of our technicians are trained and certified.

Licensed & Insured

Efficiency pro is licensed and insured.

Signs For Furnace Repair

Keeping your furnace in optimal condition means taking care of the maintenance regularly. There are many reasons why problems occur in a furnace. If you notice any of these signs it is likely your furnace needs to be repaired.

  • Temperature control issues – It may not be heating as you like leaving cold spots in some places.
  • Smelly air – The air coming out of the furnace is smelly probably because of a leak in it.
  • High utility costs. – The electric cost is jumping up because of the furnace
  • Noisy operation – It is making a lot of noise.

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